Soul Impressions
  • Genre Jazz, Funk / Soul
  • Année : 1975
  • Tracks 12
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Only 27

Ah … this music, that I discovered with Davy Jones, fascinated me. After so many years, this record has achieved great international success, especially the songs:Drug Song and Soul Impressions. Drug Song featured in the show: Cannabis. A project is underway for a new realization (Soul & R’nB) with my friend Dipiz (Gérôme Molleton). We will keep you in touch with the project.

Hippocampus 3:00
Open Country 1:46
Crazy Enterprise 2:00
Soul Impressions 3:22
Lettre De Mer 2:18
Drug Song 3:14
Man Of Genius 3:07
Push Push 2:12
Black Swan Lake 2:12
Lady Day 2:39
To And Fro 1:57
Family Tree 2:09