Histoires Sans Paroles

Histoires Sans Paroles
  • Date 1979
  • Genre Jazz, Stage & Screen
  • Label Editions Montparnasse 2000
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A nice collaboration with my friend Graziella. We have shared the compositions of this record with great happiness.Let’s not forget Grazie is a great pianist and singer. She was present on the majority of my records (vocals or keyboards).

A1 –Graziella Madrigal Cascades En Folies 2:00
A2 –Graziella Madrigal La Belle Epopée 2:20
A3 –Graziella Madrigal Cheval A Vapeur 2:25
A4 –Graziella Madrigal Poursuite Et Poussière 2:03
A5 –Graziella Madrigal Valse Des Souris 2:37
A6 –Graziella Madrigal Frénésie Et Rubato 3:11
B1 –Janko Nilovic Lady Katastroff 2:13
B2 –Janko Nilovic Histoires Sans Paroles 2:18
B3 –Janko Nilovic Époque De Dentelles 2:13
B4 –Janko Nilovic Piano Sketches 3:20
B5 –Janko Nilovic Piano Parade 2:20
B6 –Janko Nilovic Melody For Ever 3:07

Illustration – Gérard Schlienger
Music By – Graziella Madrigal (tracks: A1 to A6), Janko Nilovic (tracks: B1 to B6)

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