• Artist Janko Nilovic
  • Année 1975
  • Tracks 13
  • Genre Jazz, Funk / Soul
  • Label Vogue / Vadim Music / Underdog Records / Selection Records
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Only 15

An order from my Belgian friend. The best Brussels and Flemish musicians interpreted this music with brilliance. This style mixes Jazz-Rock, Rock and of course Funky. We had an unforgettable time with this group of musicians; the beer was flowing freely! As I wanted to direct the musicians and the sound engineer, I drank with moderation…

Funky Tramway 4:45
Flemish Suite 4:36
Sitting Bull 3:50
Underground Party 4:07
Manneken-Pis Rock 3:10
Gipsy Funk 4:04
Atomium 82 3:12
Disconnected Song 1:57
Little Butcher’s Street 8:15
Fish Market 3:25